Concurrent Enrollment

Steps to Concurrent Enrollment for Aims Community
College Courses offered on Frontier’s Campus
  1. Apply as non-degree seeking student at unless you have already done so in the past year. Be sure to get an Aims Student I.D. number (“A” number).
  2. Fill out Concurrent paperwork packet outside of Byerly’s office or distributed at registration. Byerly can provide you with your SASID #. Bring completed packet to Byerly for signatures.
  3. IF you are taking College Chemistry or College Algebra/Trig, you need to prepare to take the Accuplacer at the testing center. Testing times and study guides can be found at the testing center website . You will need a photo i.d. and an “A” number to test. The test is free the first time taken. One retake is available for a small cost. Students must wait 90 days to test a third time.
    a. Accuplacer test is not necessary if you already have a qualifying ACT or SAT score, or have taken an Accuplacer in the past with a qualifying score.
    b. Qualifying scores can be checked here.
    c. College Chemistry requires a Sentence Skills score of 95 or higher, an ACT English score of 18 or higher, or an SAT Reading score of 470 or higher.
    d. College Algebra requires an Accuplacer Elementary Algebra score of 85 or higher, an ACT Math score of 23 or higher, or an SAT Math score of 500 or higher.
    e. Bring Accuplacer test scores to Byerly to attach to your paperwork, or have Byerly check your SAT/ACT score sheet for qualifying test scores.
  4. IF you are taking German 3, US History, or Art Appreciation, no test scores are necessary. Bring completed paperwork to Byerly.
  5. No application or testing is necessary for College Comp. through UNC at this time.
  6. Aims will register you for your class(es) if the course is offered on our campus.
  7. You must register for the class through the Aims registrar at the College Center, or through your MyAims portal if the class is held on Aims’ campus or online..
  8. Frontier will pay tuition bill after the add/drop deadline has passed.
  9. Student/Family should pay fees after tuition is paid. Please wait for Frontier to pay their portion of the bill.
  10. Go to Aims Bookstore or look online here to inquire about textbooks. You may be required to purchase a textbook at the Aims bookstore.