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August 5, 2020


Dear In Person/Hybrid Learning Families,

To ensure reasonable distancing and safety precautions, students will use the following procedures at the beginning and end of each day.


In the mornings:

  • We prefer students to be dropped off in the driveline of either the 4-5 building or the K3 building.  Please pull forward and roll down the window so we can take their temperature while they are still in the car.  
  • If parents want to park and walk their student to the school, please proceed to the line up areas behind the K3 building or between the K3 and 4-5 as described below.  No parents will be allowed in the building.  
  • K3 students will line up by teacher name behind the K3 building.  Teachers will begin to bring them into classrooms at 7:30.
  • 4-5 students will line up in the parking lot between the two buildings by teacher name.  Teachers will begin to bring them into classrooms at 7:30.

In the afternoons:

  • We will continue to use our driveline dismissal process as in previous years.  If parents choose to exit their vehicles to pick up their students in designated areas, masks will be required at all times and we ask that you observe social distancing.



In the mornings:

  • Since secondary school students arrive in a variety of ways, all 6-12th grade students will have their temperatures checked as they enter the building.  All students need to enter through the main entrance of the school.  
  • Students will enter the building and go directly to their first class of the day. Please encourage your child to avoid gathering in groups, as tempting as this may be.
  • Class will begin at the usual time (7:20 for middle school, 7:30 for high school). 
  • Current hybrid learning schedule - Last Name A-K - In Person Monday/Tuesday - Online Wednesday/Thursday
  • Current hybrid learning schedule - Last Name L-Z - In Person Wednesday/Thursday - Online Monday/Tuesday


In the afternoons:

  • Be aware that we do not have the resources to release students individually. We are releasing by grade level to minimize mass gatherings. Please encourage your child to practice social distancing while on school property. 
  • Consider arranging a plan with your family regarding when and where to meet. The following times are when students will be released. You don’t necessarily need to arrive at these times.
  • 6th grade will be released at 3:30
  • 7th grade will be released at 3:33
  • 8th grade will be released at 3:36
  • 11th and 12th grade will be released at 3:45
  • 10th grade will be released at 3:48
  • 9th grade will be released at 3:51


Thank you for your patience and flexibility as we work through these new routines.

August 11, 2020

Dear Online/Remote Learning Families,


Welcome to Wolverine online learning for the fall semester. Thank you for joining us on this unique journey. We appreciate your patience and understanding as this adventure begins. 

Communication update K12:  Late Monday, we discovered some issues with our communication tool in Infinite Campus in which only a small portion of intended recipients were actually receiving the messages sent by teachers.  Tech support for IC is aware of this issue and is working on a solution.  Teachers are aware as well, and will be working on re-sending information to all students soon.  If you have an online learner and they did not receive information from their teacher on Monday as planned, this is most likely the reason.  Thank you for your patience as this problem gets resolved within Infinite Campus.  

Below is information and updates going into our remote start.

ELEMENTARY SCHOOL:  (Please note that remote learning will fully begin next week)



Primary communication should continue to go through the classroom teacher. If you need additional support, please contact Amy Willis, assistant principal at

You should be receiving communication from your teacher this week with passwords to any of our online programs. Please log on and set up any accounts this week so you are ready to go next Monday. If you have any issues with logging on, reach out to your teacher. 


Weekly Work:

The online program will fully begin next week. You will receive your grade-level weekly menu on Monday morning. Work will be due by the following Sunday. All items on the menu are required. Attendance will be based on work completion.

You will have an opportunity for an optional Zoom with your teacher on a regular basis to check in and ask any questions about the menu. Individual teachers will send the zoom invites since times will vary based on their schedule. 

If your student needs additional support or has individual questions, please reach out to Mrs. Willis, assistant principal, to set up a time for further support.



If your child needs a device to complete their online work, please fill out the form HERE. We will get you a device as soon as possible.



We do have workbooks and supplies to get to you. All grade levels should receive workbooks for math along with math manipulatives. Planners and science workbooks will be provided for 3rd-5th graders, and reading workbooks will be available for 2nd -5th graders. You will also receive a tub with supplies for specials. 


We will distribute supplies on Tuesday, August 18th. Look for an email with specific pick-up procedures and instructions.




By now online learners should have received initial communication from their teachers via their school email.  (With the recently discovered error with IC communication, it is possible students have not received this yet.  Teachers will resend their original communication once the problem is resolved).  This communication will include information on how to access Google classroom for each of their classes and what the initial expectations will be for the first week.  Please note that since you have multiple teachers, you should be expecting an email from each of them.  


Secondary Online Learner Supply Pickup:

On Friday August 14th between the time of 8am and 11am, parents and students of online families may pick up school planners and any essential materials that are being provided by the teachers at the secondary campus.  Please pull through the pickup lane and stop by the main entrance, provide your student(s) name and we will bring your items directly to your car.  To help improve efficiency, please post all of your students' names on a piece of paper in your passenger's side window during pickup.



If your child needs a device to complete their online work, please fill out the form HERE. We will get you a device as soon as possible.

We are excited to begin this learning journey with you!

Dr. Stephen Seedorf
Executive Director

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