Frontier Academy COVID-19 Updates

Dear Frontier Academy families and staff,
Thank you for your patience as we learn more about how schools are expected to respond to the COVID-19 situation. As circumstances in our community evolve, we are learning more every day about how we can support our students and families. We will keep you updated as information becomes available and plans develop.
As per Governor Polis, school will be closed to in-person learning until at least April 17th. In an effort to keep content skills sharp, support our students academically, and provide instruction in accordance with state expectations for content, we will be “teaching” online while the school is closed.
Current School Closure Information
Frontier Academy will remain closed through April 17th. This includes all grades and for all activities. The athletic fields are also closed and off limits for the duration of the shutdown. You will be notified by email if there are changes to the school closure dates and those dates will be posted here.

District 6 Nutrition Services
Bus Stop Food Delivery
Includes Charter School Families


To be able to provide better community service and implement social distancing, the Nutrition Services Department will make changes to how free breakfast and lunch will be distributed for 1-18-year-old children.

Starting Monday March 30th, we will switch to a delivery method at truck stops. This means that we will no longer distribute meals in schools but deliver them to local stops of our trucks.

There will be different stops at Greeley and Evans on Mondays / Thursdays and Tuesdays / Fridays. In the following link you can see the latest list of these stops

Lunches will be delivered by self-service line on Wednesdays, 8-10 a.m. at the east of Northridge Preparatory School at 100 71st Ave, Greeley, and 2-4 p.m. at the Center District 6 services at 2508 4th Ave., Greeley.

All bags with food distributed will have 3 breakfasts and 3 lunches, one bag per child.

These changes have been made after last week we experienced high demand, and also to provide meals closer to families homes. This will also help decrease staff and community exposure. Any additional changes will be communicated immediately.

Please see the attached map for details about trucks stops where deliveries will be made. Thank you. 


Para poder proporcionar un mejor servicio a la comunidad y poner en práctica el distanciamiento social, el departamento de Servicios de Nutrición hará cambios en la forma en que se distribuirán los desayunos y lonches gratis para los niños de 1-18 años de edad.

A partir del lunes 30 de marzo, cambiaremos a un método de entrega en las paradas de camiones. Esto significa que ya no distribuiremos las comidas en las escuelas sino que las entregaremos en paradas locales de nuestros camiones.

Habrán diferentes paradas en Greeley y Evans los lunes/jueves y los martes/viernes. En el siguiente enlace podrá ver la lista más reciente de estas paradas

Los lonches se entregarán por línea de auto-servicio los miércoles, de 8-10 a.m. en la parte Este de la Escuela Preparatoria Northridge en la 100 71st Ave, Greeley, y de 2-4 p.m. en el Centro de Servicios del Distrito 6 en la 2508 4th Ave., Greeley.

Todas las bolsas con comida que se distribuyan tendrán 3 desayunos y 3 lonches, una bolsa por niño(a).

Estos cambios se han hecho después de que la semana pasada experimentamos una alta demanda, y también para proporcionar las comidas más cerca a los hogares de las familias. Esto también ayudará a disminuir la exposición del personal y nuestra comunidad. Cualquier cambio adicional será comunicado inmediatamente.

Por favor, vea el mapa adjunto para más detalles acerca de las paradas de los camiones en donde se harán las entregas. Gracias.

Online Learning Information for Students
Do you need help talking to your children about the Coronavirus?

Need Internet Access? 


Check the resources below to to see if you might qualify for internet service at a reduced rate:


Internet Essentials by Comcast

Comcast has offered two months of free internet to families who qualify at Use the link at the top of that website to access languages other than English.

Spectrum Broadband Wifi
Call 1-877-906-9121
Request Sales Department (the sales department will notify you if your address qualifies for the free service)
If you are qualified, all services will be free, including the modem and setup.
Spectrum Broadband staff will assist you in creating an account and getting set up for internet access upon approval.
(Additionally, Spectrum Broadbands Public Hotspots are FREE where available)