Secondary Counseling and Advising

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Students can meet with a counselor by:
  • Completing this form
  • Email
  • Teacher/parent referral
  • Peer referral
*Parents are not notified if a student visits a counselor unless there is a concern for harm to self or others, significant academic concerns, or if the student requests it.
Counseling Department Vision

Frontier Academy's counseling department fosters collaborative relationships with students, parents, teachers, and the community to develop leadership in all students.

Counseling Department Mission

"The mission of the School Counseling program is to provide equitable access to a comprehensive program that provides meaningful personal, social, academic, and career development that inspires students to reach their maximum capacity as leaders in their own lives and in the community." This will be achieved by engaging students in:
  • A meaningful comprehensive program that addresses personal/social, academic, and career development
  • A delivery system that includes Classroom Guidance, Small Groups, Individual Sessions, and Responsive services
  • Data-driven directives supported by a partnership with teachers, parents, and stakeholders