Welcome to Kindergarten at Frontier Academy!
Enrolled Families:  
In late summer, we will invite all incoming kindergarten students to our Kindergarten Readiness Days, a time to meet our teachers, see the classrooms, and learn how to be a kindergartener! 
During this time, all incoming kindergarten students are given a learning survey before the start of school.  The survey simply allows us to see how to best support every incoming kindergartner on an individual level.   
Over the years, we have had many parents and preschool teachers ask us for a list of all the skills that are typically required for Kindergarten. While no definitive list exists, you can read more about Frontier Academy’s recommended skills here: Kindergarten Skills Checklist.
We look forward to meeting your child!  We are thankful to be a part of your child's education journey.
New Families: 
Whether you are already enrolled for the upcoming school year or are just investigating your local kindergarten options, we are excited to collaborate with you and your child on this education journey.

Kindergarten is a unique time in your family’s life. The first year of schooling is important and lays the foundation for your child’s lifelong learning, and sometimes the process of choosing the right place for your child to build this foundation can be challenging and overwhelming! 

This page provides answers to some of the questions you may have, as well as general information about our school and Kindergarten program. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any additional questions you may have.
Kindergarten readiness is unique to each child and must be considered on an individual basis. Frontier Academy requires that Kindergarten students be (5) years of age on or before October 1st of the year he/she starts school.
Click here to see the Kindergarten Learning Survey for Frontier Academy.
How do I enroll my child in Kindergarten at Frontier Academy?

Frontier Academy is a charter school, and as such, it is a public school open to all families in our community. However, because we strive to keep our student-to-teacher ratio low, we do not always have enough seats to match the volume of interest in our school. 

Students wishing to enroll in Kindergarten at Frontier Academy must fill out an Open Enrollment Application on the Greeley-Evans School District 6 website and will be added to the waitlist. All openings are filled based on the date an Open Enrollment Application is received.

Kindergarten Round-Up:

In the spring, we will email all confirmed enrolled kindergarten families information about Kindergarten Round-Up. 
At Kindergarten Round-Up, we provide more detailed information about our kindergarten curriculum and program and introduce our Frontier teachers and staff. 
Tours are available by appointment.  Please email [email protected] to schedule a tour.
Registration will be conducted online in late July.  Information about school supplies, student photos, Nutrition Services, Health Office updates, and DriveLine will all be communicated via email.
What will my child learn in Kindergarten?

Reading and Writing:

We often refer to our reading and writing time as our ELA time. ELA stands for English Language Arts. Our kindergarten program has a morning reading block for an hour and a half and an afternoon writing block for half an hour.

Our school uses the myView Literacy materials in grades kindergarten through fifth grade. This program aligns with the Colorado Academic Standards in Reading, Writing, and Communicating.

The myView program includes a broad range of high-quality texts. The stories are colorful, engaging, and culturally relevant. The students have strong daily opportunities for reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking. The kindergarten program focuses on phonemic awareness, sight word recognition, reading fluency, and comprehension.

We believe that literacy is a core foundation of education. We want our students to grow into independent readers, writers, and thinkers. The myView program allows teachers to differentiate instruction so that we can meet each kindergartner at their different reading and writing levels. You will be amazed at how much your child will learn in their kindergarten school year.
At Frontier, we use the Envision math curriculum which is based on the Colorado Academic Standards
Envision encourages students to think critically and approach math concepts using different strategies. The program uses a combination of computer and pencil/paper approaches, math manipulatives, and real-world examples to support student’s mathematical thinking.
Using Envision in kindergarten, students begin to see relationships between math concepts, ask important questions, and try different strategies to solve mathematical challenges.

Core Knowledge (Social Studies/Science):
Frontier Academy follows the Colorado Academic Standards for Social Studies and Science.  Social Studies and
Science provides young students with the opportunity to explore the world around them.  Our science and social studies units lay the foundation kindergartners need to begin to explore, predict, observe, and investigate their environment.  
In social studies, students will learn about Native Americans, the US presidents on Mount Rushmore, the Statue of Liberty, the US flag, Communities, Needs & Wants, Geography, the Seven Continents, and Diverse Cultures around the World. 
In science, kindergartners will learn about the Needs of Plants, the Needs of Animals, Recycling, the Five Senses, Weather, and Habitats and they will Experiment with the Push and Pull of Objects by building Racetracks and Ramps.

Some of these topics of study are introduced in lower grade levels to establish foundational concepts so that the higher grade levels can go into more depth on the same topics. Visit the Core Knowledge Foundation page for more information.
Kindergarten Schedule:

Click here to see the Kindergarten Daily Schedule.