Graduation Requirements

To be eligible for graduation from Frontier Academy, a student must have completed 28 credits. The student is required to follow the graduation sequence below. Algebra II is the highest level of math students must complete before graduating. All students must complete two semesters of chemistry and two semesters of biology prior to graduation. All students must complete one semester of civics or AP U.S. government prior to graduation. Please see the Graduation Checklist for a detailed view of our class requirements.

While enrolled at Frontier Academy, core classes must be taken at Frontier Academy. Students who have failed a course may receive credit from outside institutions for credit recovery. Transfer students enrolling in Frontier Academy may receive credit for any prior classes, based on counselor determination. Once all core academic classes have been passed in a given area, students will be allowed to take courses at local post-secondary institutions and count credits at Frontier.
Students are able to accelerate within the math sequence through credit advancement at Frontier Academy. Credits earned through credit advancement will allow students to take the next math class in the sequence but will not count toward the four required math credits for graduation. Advancement credits will instead be counted toward the ten required elective credits.