Homeschool Access Program

23-24 Home School Enrichment Student/Parent Handbook

If you would like to be put on the waitlist for the Homeschool Access Program, complete your intent to register here.

Fast Facts for Access

Frontier Academy, a Core Knowledge charter school, runs a free Home School Enrichment Program called "Access" on Fridays in our Secondary School Facility. Our intent to serve the home school community by providing Arts, Music, Technology, Physical Education, and Science enrichment experiences to supplement what home school educators are providing their children at home.

The Access program utilizes Frontier Academy's Secondary facility because, due to a 4-day school week, the building is free on Fridays. The secondary campus is located at 6530 W. 16th St. in Greeley, CO (directly south of the Greeley Family FunPlex).

Frontier's Access program began in the fall of 2010. Currently, Access runs from September through the end of May.

Frontier's Access to Home School Enrichment Program is a state-funded program. Students enrolled in the program will be enrolled as a part-time student in Frontier Academy Charter School. Parents will still need to register their students with the state as home schooled students and all home school related paperwork and forms are the parent's responsibility to complete as normal and turn into the Colorado Department of Education. To qualify for this program, you must NOT be enrolled at any other school or state-funded program such as COVA, K-12, Connections Academy, Options, etc.

Health Clerk

Frontier Access has a health clerk at the school. The health clerk maintains student immunization records and assists with daily student health needs such as diabetes monitoring. The health clerk can be reached at (970) 330-1780. Or visit the Frontier Academy Health Services webpage.