The program is not offering drop-in services at this time.  Families must sign up for the intended program they wish to utilize and sign an agreement for consistent program attendance. 
Payment Options:
Unless otherwise arranged, all payments must be made through the Brightwheel application the Enrichment Program utilizes for student check-in/out & billing.
Collection Procedure:

If payment, or arrangement of payment is not made within 30 days of the due date, your balance will be sent to Professional Finance Company for collections. Any payment arrangement will consist of a monthly agreed up amount in addition to any fees accrued thereafter. An agreement letter will be obtained and signed by the financially responsible party and the director or assistant director.
Assistance Programs Accepted:

Frontier Academy Enrichment is able to accept Colorado Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and it is available to all who qualify. Please contact the Department of Human Services to see if your family qualifies for CCAP (
We accept United Way for employees of Professional Finance and Greeley Tribune.
The Enrichment Program is also able to accept ChildCare Aware for active duty military families and actively deployed members. Please contact ChildCare Aware directly to see if your family qualifies for the program. If you have other programs available to you from your employer, please reach out to your employer as well as the program to initiate acceptance.
Payment Procedure
All payments must be made online through the Brightwheel App.

The Enrichment Program is now on a ‘Monthly Pass’ system. Families must sign up for the intended program they wish to utilize and sign an agreement for consistent program attendance. This system is discounted from the drop-in fees that was previously followed and allows for a consistent monthly payment for families. Due to the discount, monthly fees will not be prorated based upon attendance. Families can pay with either a checking/savings account or credit/debit card to be debited on the 25th of the month beginning in August. If the 25th of the month falls on a weekend or Holiday, payment will be due by the following business day. We have a full time and part time fee for each branch of the program.
Enrichment Monthly Fee (automatic payment through Brightwheel): 
Brightwheel holds all payment information in their system and can be changed at your discretion.
Full Time attendance is considered 3 or more days per week and 3 or more Fridays per month.
Part Time attendance is considered 2 or less days per week and 2 or less Fridays per month.
Enrichment Pricing
Payments are due on the 25th of the month, the month of service; August payments are due by August 25th. If arrangement or payment is not received by the 1st of the next month, it could result in loss of attendance privileges or additional administrative action.

Late Fees:  Late pick up (after 6 pm) $1/minute  Late payment (26th of the month) $25

Short Notice One Day Enrollment of Breaks and Fridays:

If you are not set up on a plan to attend Breaks or Fridays we will now give the opportunity of attendance on a short notice, need to basis.  In order to utilize this, children need to be currently enrolled on any plan with Enrichment.  A 24 hour request of attendance is required (attendance will continue to be dependent on enrollment numbers and staff availability). Brightwheel accounts will need to be set to autopay. Payment will be required on the day of attendance. Cost per Short Notice Day will be $90/day.