Frontier Academy Athletics Mission Statement:

Frontier Academy Athletics strives to provide a coaching and training environment for student-athletes, fostering personal and team commitment, integrity, and leadership skills through competitive sports.

OPEN Randy Pfost Alisa Wilcox
High School Athletic Director
Middle School Athletic Director Athletic Secretary
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Fall High School Sports
Men's Golf  Cross Country Men's Soccer Volleyball
Coach Reed Hodgson OPEN   OPEN   OPEN


Fall Middle School Sports

Cross Country Boys Soccer Volleyball
Coach Dan Bisceglia Coach Amanda Shepperd Coach BJ Gonzales


Winter High School Sports

Men's Basketball Women's Basketball
Coach Jamie Wood Coach Kim Fornall


Winter Middle School Sports

Boy's Basketball Girl's Basketball
Coach Joe Martinez Coach Jackie Maldonado


Spring High School Sports

Track and Field Women's Soccer
Coach Wilson Young Coach Trent Markell


Spring Middle School Sports

Track and Field Girl's Soccer
Coach Dan Bisceglia Coach Amanda Shepperd