RaiseRight and ShopwithSCRIP

Frontier Academy partners with ShopWithScrip. This allows families to purchase gift cards from our school for items they shop for everyday - including groceries, gas, restaurants and more! There are several Frontier Academy profit share groups to choose from.

COVID-19 Update - SCRIP gift cards are still available and back with a new option - ship to home!  You can still order gift cards through the school with this paper order form and pick them up on campus - or use their new app* and have the additional choice to pay by credit card and have the gift cards shipped directly to your home ! 

Perfect timing for the holidays!  SCRIP gift cards give a percentage to the school - and you can allocate your share to specific groups on campus.  Questions?  Email

*Frontier Academy Enrollment Code is 133B27L364L7. This awesome new app lets you decide if you want to pay via checking account, cash, or card - then decide if you want to pick them up at school - or have them sent home.

If you ever used, PrestoPay or MySCRIPWallet - your login is the same for the RaiseRight app!