MLO Spending Plan

Frontier Academy
MLO Priorities & Spending Plan
Frontier Charter Academy exists as a public school in Greeley-Evans District 6. As a charter school, its needs and spending differs from non-charter schools. Frontier's MLO spending plan differs slightly from that of the district at large. 

Frontier Academy's spending plan still reflects many of the values evident in District 6's plan, especially in areas of safety and security, curriculum updates, and technology improvement. 

Frontier Academy is dedicated to maintaining the same standard of financial transparency in its MLO funds allotment as it does in regular budgetary spending. 

Frontier Academy is grateful to the Greeley-Evans community for investing in our students, our staff, and our school. 

For more information about Frontier Academy's MLO spending, please see our link at the bottom of this page - or, contact Kim Hurt, Business Manager, at 970-330-1780 x2026 or
Frontier Academy MLO Spending Summary
Technology that Impacts Student Learning
  • For fiscal years 2018 and 2019, Frontier Academy increased the technology budget for equipment purchases, including but not limited to chromebooks, iPads, laptops, interactive classroom monitors, and software supports.
Curriculum Updates (For 2019/2020 school year)
  • Elementary Math curriculum updated
  • Elementary and Secondary Social Studies curriculum updated
  • Elementary and Secondary Science curriculum updated
  • Secondary music curriculum updated
Safety and Security Measures 
  •  Elementary:
    • The 4th/5th grade building entrance was secured with a man-trap structure January 2018.
  • Secondary:
    • The secondary entrance remodel was completed Summer 2019 to secure the building and restrict entry with buzz in systems and transaction windows.
  • All Campuses:
    • Additional radios, security cameras, fobbed entry security door systems and monitoring equipment were added in fiscal years 2018 and 2019.
Deferred Maintenance
  • Secondary:
    • Resurface asphalt parking lot (completed Summer 2018)
    • Replacement of floor coverings (completed Summer 2019)
    • Locker replacement (completed Summer 2019)
    • Hallways painted (completed Summer 2019)
  • Elementary:
    • Heath Office relocation and remodel (completed Summer 2018) 
    • Parking lot engineering, removal, and reinstallation including water mitigation (Completed Summer 2018)
    • Replacement of floor coverings (Completed Summer 2019)
  • All Campuses
    • General ongoing maintenance addressing plumbing, HVAC, and electrical updates and repairs
Other Improvements:
  • Several student fees were eliminated for some instructional, tech, and security expenditures.  Instead of using student fee revenue, MLO funds were used to purchase items.
  • Ongoing increase to staff professional development funding.
  • Bonuses given to staff at calendar year end.
2020 And Beyond:
  • Competitive Staff Compensation Structures
  • Software for Maintenance and Master Planning Development
  • Remove pea gravel & install rubberized playground surface at elementary campus
  • Instructional Materials:
  • Elementary:
    • Primary Reading
  • Secondary:
    • English/Language Arts