Secondary OPT: 6-12th Grade

The Organization of Parents and Teachers at the 6 – 12th grade is referred to as Secondary OPT. Although a separate organization from Elementary OPT, it shares the same by-laws and has a similar mission: “to support the goals of our educators and foster a sense of community within our school.”

Secondary OPT meetings take place on the third Tuesday of every month during the school year, at 6:30pm in the Secondary School Library. Parents, teachers and students are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Some of our fundraising efforts are on-going, such as Box Tops for Education. Some are annual events, such as Taste of Frontier, which not only raises money for Secondary OPT, but also for the various student clubs and organizations. The funds raised by Secondary OPT are used to pay for school programs and activities, the largest event being the last day of school’s LAST BLAST.

Secondary OPT also coordinates the school’s Volunteer program and Teacher Appreciation Events. And one of Secondary OPT’s elected positions is an OPT representative to the Executive Committee. This person attends Frontier’s Executive Committee meetings and provides reports both to Exec and to OPT, in order to maintain communication between both groups.

Officers for the 2016-17 school year:

  • President - Stephanie Boyd
  • Vice President - Patty Horst
  • Secretary - Lorie DeNovellis
  • Treasurer - Nicole Phillips
  • Box Tops Coordinator - Nicole Lowery
  • Teacher Appreciation - Patty Horst
  • Executive Representative - Karlye Shilts
  • Teacher Liaison - Amber Kline and Paul Royle-Grimes

Latest News

Frontier Academy Window Decals for Sale!

Secondary OPT has cool, full color window decals for sale at the amazing price of $5! They look great on car windows or wherever you would like to show your support for our great school! They are designed for all of Frontier Academy, K-12. This is will help OPT fund school activities throughout the school year. Contact Jovita Georgeades at 970.518.7868 to purchase or email her at